With funny actors like Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, The Change Up should have been a home run. Instead it's only a double. Most of the laughs come in the first half when stressed out married father of three Bateman switches bodies with slacker soft core porn starring Reynolds. It starts going downhill as both men become douches with their newfound lives…to the point it stops being funny and gets a little creepy. Married Bateman plans to hook up with office hottie BUT IT'S OK BECAUSE IT ISN'T HIS BODY! Reynolds plans on banging friends wife but doesn't ONLY BECAUSE SHE HAD THAI FOOD AND IS ON THE CRAPPER! Laughing yet? That being said, there ARE some solid laughs thanks to the two leads, in a movie that should have been a whole lot better. A decent rental or bargain movie.

Stormy Curry

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