Laughable. Worthless. A Paranormal-series entry in name only. As an ardent fan of the first two PA's, I was especially disappointed by this one's lack of imagination -- to the point where one of the biggest scares in #2 is repeated here, to greatly diminished effect. But the fatal flaw is the unconvincing stretch the … Continue reading PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3


The thing is... if you're gonna do a remake, you need to bring something fresh and tasty to the table. John Carpenter succeeded the first time around, building on the (reputed) Hawks original by ratcheting up the suspense. Here, the screenplay's elaboration on the two earlier versions adds a highly detailed spaceship scene that ends … Continue reading THE THING


The best comedy of its kind since WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. It's a sendup of teens-on-vacation-at-the-lake massacre movies, but fully committed to the story it's telling and unironic (unlike the broad, spoofy SCARY MOVIE-type parodies). After a classic set-up featuring every trope in the genre (including our old favorite: the tense confrontation with locals at … Continue reading TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL


Fashionably cynical yet melodramatic, it comes off like a political MICHAEL CLAYTON -- but with a plot whose crux (candidate commits adultery) is too wan to care much about. Rare for her, Evan Rachel Wood doesn't do anything memorable as the unlucky intern, and her chemistry with campaign co-manager Ryan Gosling is nil. Gosling himself … Continue reading THE IDES OF MARCH


Years ago, with its uncanny knack for spotting talent of the future, Fox-11's "That's So Hollywood" featured British actor James Corden as a Fresh Face for his role in "The History Boys". Since then, Corden has seized the brass ring with a star-making, perhaps even legendary performance at the National Theater in London as the … Continue reading ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS