How disappointing is this tepid rom-com? Katherine Heigl should have
starred in it. A waste of two likable actors, this is a movie whose
dropped backstories, undeveloped plot points and trailer scenes that
didn't make it into the finished film indicate a confused production
process. It also lacks laughs: whole stretches go by without a joke,
or without one that works, anyway. Anna Faris doesn't get much chance
to show off her offbeat charm and slight craziness. And toward the
end, in the wedding scenes, she's shot so unflatteringly I wasn't sure
for a moment if it was her. Chris Evans escapes without embarrassing
himself mostly on the basis of an infectious affability and a body
that won't quit. As Anna's sister, Ari Graynor looks as though she
came from the Jewish side of the family — but of course, there isn't
one; it's just bad casting. The most interesting actor in the movie
may be an unknown in a tiny part named Dave Annable: if anyone is
looking for someone to play the young Mitt Romney, he's your guy. —
Jeff Schultz

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