The best comedy of its kind since WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. It's a
sendup of teens-on-vacation-at-the-lake massacre movies, but fully
committed to the story it's telling and unironic (unlike the broad,
spoofy SCARY MOVIE-type parodies). After a classic set-up featuring
every trope in the genre (including our old favorite: the tense
confrontation with locals at the General Store), the body count begins
— and although each one is an accident, the gore is at proper horror
flick levels thanks to a disemboweling tree branch, an accidental
skewering, a point blank gunshot blast in the face, immolation and so
on. Did I mention this is a comedy? The eponymous duo should only
become the Hope and Crosby of their generation. Bravo to Tyler Labine,
a comedian in the Zach Galafianakis mode, yet still very much his own
talent. And bravo to Alan Tudyk, so funny in the original DEATH AT A
FUNERAL, so wasted in “How to Be a Gentleman”. Their dumb and dumber
act, along with a sweet love story and hysterical (in both senses)
bloody violence, makes for merry mayhem. — Jeff Schultz

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