It has not been a great year for GREEN at the box office. Numbers are down, studios and theaters aren't making money. But I'm not talking about dollars here. I'm talking about Super Hero movies. THE GREEN HORNET was first to offend the senses as Seth Rogen (guaranteed to kill a movie in which he is top billed) took the campy 1960's TV series and made it completely unwatchable. Next up to the plate, GREEN LANTERN starring the likable Ryan Reynolds. Like all origin stories, it must give us the history and integrate it into the movie so it seems natural, not like “required reading”. Ok, GREEN LANTERN does that serviceably, but not spectacularly. And that's pretty much the theme for the rest of the movie. It's serviceable, not spectacular. Reynolds is mostly ok. But it seems like the whole exercise is going through the motions. It steals a lot of themes from Superman and Spider-Man. Nothing original to see here story-wise. I was interested to see how the CGI would work, given that the Lantern's power is that anything he can think of can become real. Lots of potential for cool effects bathed in a greenish hue. It kinda works, but I was still left wanting more. Overall, THE GREEN LANTERN left me feeling a little blue. — Alan Yudman

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