Given its relevance to the populist movements currently inhabiting
cities across America, this could also be called “Occupy the Future”.
Intriguing premise, solid set-up — but then it fizzles amid the
screeching of too many tires in too many tired car chases and a
rambling screenplay. Here, the director of GATTACA creates a new type
of dystopia, where no one ages past 25 but continually faces death-by-
expiration unless they can keep paying in chunks of time, which takes
the place of money as society's currency. (No attempt is made to
discuss the physics or origination of this way of living; it's just a
given.) The world has become a place of massive “income” inequality,
with the poor subjected to ever-increasing prices in order to get rid
of as many of them as possible. Too bad the actors come off so flat
and stilted, as though the director thought that would convey their
emotional deadness. Plus, both Justin Timberlake and Vincent
Kartheiser suffer from what I call DiCaprio Syndrome: their inherent
boyishness leaves them without heft and unable to play “adult” roles.
And a question: why is Amanda Seyfried a movie star? This, surely, is
her worst performance yet. — Jeff Schultz

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