The previews for TOWER HEIST give the impression that this is first a comedy and second a “heist movie”. Turns out it's a “heist movie” with a ton of laughs. But, whatever it is, it all begins with “story” and Brett Ratner has a great one. Ben Stiller is the manager of The Tower, the highest priced real estate in New York. Alan Alda is Arthur Shaw, a wealthy financier who lives in the penthouse. Alda turns out to be Madoff-esque and some of his victims are the employees of The Tower. Slowly, Stiller realizes that Alda is the crook everyone says he is and after taking revenge with a putter, he is fired and decides to steal from the thief. Stiller enlists the help of the only criminal he knows, his neighbor Eddie Murphy. Even when it becomes serious, the next laugh isn't far off. One of the funniest is a great drunk scene with the wonderful Tea Leoni who plays an FBI agent. Everyone looks like their having fun with this and the audience is right there with them. The way it plays out is unpredictable and funny and simply awesome. Stiller is great, mainly because he isn't playing his usual flustered schlub. His Josh always in control and always has the right answer. Murphy is hysterical. Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck, Michael Pena and Gabourey Sidibe as his “crew” are fantastic. And the soundtrack by Christophe Beck is perfect. This is a fun movie, that is a great vehicle for Murphy and Stiller. I absolutely loved TOWER HEIST! — Alan Yudman

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