The first half of this movie should have been called STALLED. It takes 45 loooooong minutes to set up the main character, the romance, and what will eventually become the main plot…and they do it with about five minutes worth of script. That being said, once this clunker gets back on the road it becomes a sleek machine. Albert Brooks is scary good as the big bad with a blade fetish and Ryan Gosling is finally allowed to act in the last hour. Worth seeing for sure…guess I'm spoiled. Two of the actors in this (Ron Perlman and Bryan Cranston) star in shows that are as good if not better than this. DRIVE seems like a golf cart compared to the NASCAR speeds reached on a weekly basis by Breaking Bad and Sons Of Anarchy.

Stormy Curry

One thought on “DRIVE

  1. I am stunned by this review. I suspect Alan is too. But more importantly, I loved the way you wrote it! The car references are a screech — I mean a scream. WHY DON'T YOU POST MORE OFTEN???


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