There are movies that surprise you and movies you know even before
they start how they'll play out. THE SITTER is in the second category,
and that's no put-down because it's a close to perfect comedy. Yes,
and probably sad to say, we're a cruder society today than we were in
1987, when this movie's DNA ancestor, ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, came
out. How much cruder? THE SITTER opens with Jonah Hill's face in
between meanly non-reciprocal Ari Graynor's legs. Plus the language
and the drugs. But, damn, Jonah's funny — dry as the Gobi and with a
droll way of fading the volume at the end of a punch line. It speaks
to Hill's talent that even here, in his last movie before a dramatic
slim-down, he has such great chemistry with women. Of the three kids,
Culkin-eque Max Records impresses. His coming-out story is handled so
gently and sweetly (if patly) you find yourself shocked to realize the
character is only 13. Hill, who was also an Executive Producer on the
film, may be the most gay-friendly straight player in this town. (But
perfectly willing to be non-PC: seen Fox's “Allen Gregory”?) My
biggest disappointment: the non-part given to the great J.B. Smoove.
The squandering of his talent is criminal. — Jeff Schultz

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