The biggest disappointment of 2011. Ben Stiller playing the straight man. Eddie Murphy being second billed yet only having about 20 minutes of screen time (when he is on screen he is HILARIOUS!). It's a's a comedy...WAIT it's a thriller...nope it's a mess. TOWER crumbles completely in the final act where the hidden loot … Continue reading TOWER HEIST


MARCH actually limps it's way from start to finish...and ends more with a shoulder shrug and an eye roll than a thumbs up or applause. IDES is proof that Hollywood loves anything George Clooney does and that Ryan Gosling needs a new agent. The story is a bore, the acting nothing special (with the exceptions … Continue reading THE IDES OF MARCH


An interesting, yet familiar plot. A wonderfully talented director and some great cinematography. A stellar supporting cast. All of this prevents this wronged spy thriller from going HAYWIRE. All the heavy lifting as far as actual acting goes is done by Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Bill Pullman and Michael Fassbender. But the star of this … Continue reading HAYWIRE


This isn't just a vehicle for Meryl Streep, it's a sleek yet stolid Jaguar that cruises (too quickly) past the highlights of Margaret Thatcher's political career, but always circles back to its central concern, the evaporation of Thatcher's mind in the twilight realm of onset dementia. The movie is as much clinical study as bio-pic, … Continue reading THE IRON LADY


The only thing scary about this franchise is that people keep paying to watch fake "scary" home movies. These no budget excuses for movies cheat the audience virtually every single time. PA 3 is as good as 2 and 1...that's not intended as praise. If you want to see a genuinely scary "lost footage" movie, … Continue reading PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3


The title is a pun: the anti-heroine sets out to win the "Miss Baja California" beauty contest, but ends up hopelessly (and bloodily) entangled in drug violence and official corruption. "Bala" means bullet, therein the irony. What makes this movie stand out (besides the Dead Soul central performance of Stephanie Sigman) is that while you … Continue reading MISS BALA


Wholesale groans in the theatre when the end titles appear are half- justified by the bad acting and the bad choice by the director to shoot yet another documentary-style horror flick in which we watch events unfold along with the "filmmakers" and experience, as they do, when things spiral out of control. Even if the … Continue reading THE DEVIL INSIDE


The third installment of this epic trilogy will easily win the Oscar for best picture. Yeah not really. This one is better than the second but not nearly as funny as the first one. The best part of the whole movie? NPH once again being an absolute horndog and all around jerk. When Doogie is … Continue reading A VERY HAROLD AND KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS