I am not a fan of all the recent remakes. Friday the 13th. Psycho. Too many others to mention. They never bring anything new to the table and are almost always nothing more than a cash grab. I loved the original Fright Night and had a feeling this vampire remake would “suck”. I was surprised by this one. This new Night takes the original premise and characters and goes in a new direction. This one plays it much more straight and adds a couple new twists that feel natural to the story instead of gimmicky. Colin Farrell is menacing as Jerry the bloodsucker and British actor David Tennant gives us a very good Peter Vincent. Mind you, there's no way anyone can top Roddy McDowall but because they don't try to, it works. Respect is paid to the original while new ingredients are thrown into the mix. This one works. Still love the original but I liked this one too.

Stormy Curry

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