Wholesale groans in the theatre when the end titles appear are half-
justified by the bad acting and the bad choice by the director to
shoot yet another documentary-style horror flick in which we watch
events unfold along with the “filmmakers” and experience, as they do,
when things spiral out of control. Even if the last PARANORMAL
ACTIVITY sequel didn't put you over that bandwagon jump for good,
you'll find no fresh twists here. But you will find many old friends:
the bone-cracking contortions of the possessed, Satanic emanations
from the your-mother-sucks-cocks-in-Hell playbook, demonic
transference from one character to the next, and (a favorite) the
final smash to black when the camera breaks — cue the groans. TV
actress Fernanda Andrade has little to do except look on goggle-eyed.
The rest of the cast are whocares. (But what the hell is the great
Lelia Goldoni doing in the tiniest of bit parts?) Here's my bomb-
throwing provocateur's six-word sum-up: It's as lame as THE EXORCIST.
— Jeff Schultz

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