When we think of spies, we think of Bond and Bourne. And tension in spy movies is created by car chases, gunfights and the like. You won't find any of that in TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY. All the tension and drama comes from the pursuit of a mole in MI6. George Smiley (Gary Oldman) is … Continue reading TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY


The most exciting new series since MAD MEN. And that this should have gotten a green light from a broadcast network is an accomplishment in itself. The script is sophisticated, the direction clever and tight, the playing exquisite. From the first song with its simple piano accompaniment to the fuller-blown baseball-themed workshop number -- with … Continue reading SMASH


Old-fashioned, well-made, and a bit of a bore. Daniel Radcliffe (deadly serious) looks just right as a Cratchit-like legal drone sent to a godforsaken corner of England to settle a dead woman's estate. Upon arriving he confronts hostile, frightened townspeople who want him gone even before he visits the distant, isolated mansion where we can … Continue reading THE WOMAN IN BLACK


Making a horror movie that relies almost exclusively on atmospherics is tricky. After a point, the audience starts expecting some meat, be it sundered bodies, chewing zombies, tortured pretty girls, the obliteration of whole cities... whatever. This film mostly foregoes fake blood and cheap scares, concentrating instead on its two quirky leads as they work … Continue reading THE INNKEEPERS


A baseball movie with little baseball. Jonah Hill in a serious role. Lots of talk about player stats and contracts. On paper this movie should not work but thanks to an Oscar worth script and excellent performances by Brad Pitt and Hill, Moneyball is a grand slam that manages to build suspense with the fundamentals: … Continue reading MONEYBALL