Incredible Hulk, meet Carrie. Unfettered rage is at the heart of this
clever film that mines the supernatural to illustrate how, on the one
hand, with great power comes great responsibility, and on the other,
how awesome it would be to kick the living shit out of all the people
who have insulted and abused us. The filmmakers make no attempt to
explain the phenomenon that gives three high school friends
telekinetic powers; that's just the device that sets the plot in
motion. But this trio of talented unknowns do a good job of handling
the initial thrill attending their newfound abilities and how that
thrill shades into something much darker as it consumes one of them
with tragic results. I was with this movie almost all the way to the
end because it so nicely balances F/X trickery with ideas and
character. Then, the last 10 minutes or so of this very short film
kind of turn it into SPIDER-MAN — still in the service of the story,
but a bit too acrobatic to jibe with what's come before. Nevertheless,
highly recommended. — Jeff Schultz

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