Many great works of art were greeted at first with boos and bewilderment. 59 years ago, even French audiences didn’t know how to react to Beckett’s despairing, mordantly funny play about two men who wait eternally for what never comes. Today, while still emanating from an absurd and illogical dramatic universe, WFG is a heartbreakingly easy to comprehend, high art version of both GROUNDHOG DAY (endless repetition) and SEINFELD (a show about nothing). Not that there aren’t countless mysteries inside the play to suss out, some of which may always stay locked. The mysteries are the magic of it, though, and with legendary Beckett players Alan Mandell and Barry McGovern as Estragon and Vladimir — joined by the always awesome James Cromwell (Babe’s “dad”!) as Pozzo — audiences at the Mark Taper Forum are seeing a masterpiece played by masters. — Jeff Schultz 

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