God knows there’s nothing new or fresh about this piece of recycled
plastic remade as an odd-couple cop comedy. But God, Who sees
everything, also saw me laughing out loud in the theater pretty much
all through it. And here’s the thing: the laughs come from BOTH of
these guys. You know going in Jonah Hill is going to kill it — I
mean, this is the guy who made THE BABYSITTER funny. But wait, here’s
Channing Tatum… keeping up with the laughs. Everyone should have
Channing’s problems: he’s so fantastically good looking people don’t
recognize his talent. Together and apart, these guys rock: Channing in
his first encounter with the nerds who’ll become his posse; Jonah
singing “I’ve Gotta Crow” from PETER PAN in high school drama class;
Channing flubbing recitation of Miranda rights; Jonah praying to
“Korean Jesus”. Enough laughs to justify a ticket. — Jeff Schultz

Predictable, yet hysterically funny from beginning to end, 21 JUMP STREET is worth every penny you’ll pay to see it. You would expect laughs from Jonah Hill, playing his Jonah Hill-iest, schlubby best. The surprise here is Channing Tatum. Mostly a pretty boy or an action foil in previous movies, Tatum taps into his previously unseen comic talent. He is absolutely hilarious as the big dumb jock cop to Hill’s smarter, nerdier and decidedly less athletic cop. The partners wind up playing against type with Hill becoming popular in high school, while Tatum hangs with the chemistry nerds. It all works and you will be glad to know that not all the laughs are in the trailer. Special props to Ice Cube who plays the angry black police Captain perfectly. Also two hysterical cameos from the cast of the original FOX series are worth the wait. And speaking of that series, don’t expect this to be anything like it. It’s an outrageous buddy comedy, not a police/teen drama. Jump at the chance to see this outrageous comedy. — Alan Yudman

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