From the title you might expect GOON to be some kind of horror movie, and in a way it is. It features lots of blood and slashing, but it’s not from a knife or a machete, it’s from a hockey stick. GOON, based on the real life adventures of minor league hockey goon Doug Smith, stars Seann William Scott as the “dumb kid” in a family of Canadian-Jewish overachievers. He’s a bar bouncer, while the rest of the family are doctors. He gets notice for his ability to pound on people and absorb any kind of punishment at a hockey game and gets his shot at becoming a minor league team’s “goon” (a hockey player who’s sole job is to fight). This isn’t some insightful docudrama, with a look into the life of a man who makes his living doing things on a hockey rink that would get him arrested on the street. It’s a comedy that has some great hockey scenes, great fight scenes and lots of laughs. Scott is great and totally believable as the “goon”. Liev Schrieber plays the aging goon and their showdown is predictable, but it still pays off well. Solid supporting performances all around from Jay Baruchel (who also co-wrote the screenplay), Alison Pill and Kim Coates. If you were a fan of SLAP SHOT, you will love this, if you just want to see an outrageously funny movie, lace up your skates and see GOON. — Alan Yudman

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