Prediction: this French movie shot in semi-documentary style about a Special Victims unit of the Paris police specializing in sexual crimes against children will get more than just art-house buzz when it's released in May. Ably employing a large cast with at least ten major characters (one of whom she plays herself), director and co-writer … Continue reading POLISSE


You will laugh in spite of yourself, then you'll start to get depressed, then you'll laugh a couple more times, and ultimately you'll wonder why this movie was ever made. This is not a biopic; it is simply a transfer from the "classic", roughly 30's-through-50's shorts to a recast, contemporary feature-length version that wants nothing … Continue reading THE THREE STOOGES

JUSTIFIED, Season 3 Finale

This outstanding series just keeps getting better. Even the average episodes are better than just about everything else on TV. SLAUGHTERHOUSE is a perfect example of how great this series is. After a season of densely layered plotting and head scratching behavior from Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant, where's your Emmy nomination?) it all works out … Continue reading JUSTIFIED, Season 3 Finale


Not what I was expecting and not really what I wanted. This proves again that the movies you're most excited about are the ones that usually disappoint. It's a bait-and-switch; you go to see a horror movie which does, in fact, start out as a teens-in-dangerous-isolation slasher flick -- but then it turns into a … Continue reading THE CABIN IN THE WOODS


The promise of a new horror movie from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo -- he made the possibly superior sequel 28 WEEKS LATER -- goes unfulfilled in this bilingual, dual plotline bore. The international financing, the international cast, the lone star familiar to American audiences (and a Brit at that, Clive Owen) -- it has all the … Continue reading INTRUDERS