Not being a “girl”, maybe I just don’t understand the special brand of humor and angst on display here, but GIRLS was beyond dull. I figured I’d give it a try based on the twin facts that it is produced by Judd Apatow and is broadcast on HBO. Consider my TiVO now available in this Sunday time slot. The lead character Hannah (played by co-producer, creator, director and writer Leah Dunham) is completely unlikeable. Her parents have cut off her financial support and I can’t blame them. She is an intern at a business that we never learn anything about. She’s unpaid. She’s whiny. She’s insecure. Please, someone help her. She lives with a friend who is attractive and dating a guy who is in love with her, but she is ambivalent about him. Nope, don’t like her either. I could go on about the other wastes of space on the screen, but my brain hurts just thinking about this. GIRLS, I have one thing to say… GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!! — Alan Yudman

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