This comedy doesn't reinvent the wheel but it doesn't have to. A funny flick that sometimes rings true and sometimes doesn't, it still manages to keep you involved ESPECIALLY when it veers into borderline earns this because you like the characters and actually kinda care about what happens to them. And Kevin Hart had … Continue reading THINK LIKE A MAN


At about a buck-15 (not counting the endless credit roll), the movie is not much longer than the trailer, but it's funny throughout. Yes, the targets are easy, and yes, Sacha repeats himself, and yes, as soon as you see love interest Anna Faris' Organic Food Collective you know Admiral General Aladeen will ultimately become enlightened. … Continue reading THE DICTATOR


There is nothing more annoying than a movie critics lose their minds over that actually stinks. They all say CABIN is great because its fun and original. Just because a story is original does not make it good. I am still stunned at the lameness of the whole thing. It's plays like the very long … Continue reading THE CABIN IN THE WOODS


Only would a complete churl, after reading Alan's rave review and acknowledging the 93% (at this writing) Rotten Tomatoes rating and the enthusiasm of the much-much-larger-than-usual Saturday matinee audience, dump on this movie. First of all, you can't spend 220-million bucks and not get a lot of spectacular. The budget is the point; the stars are the effects. But … Continue reading THE AVENGERS


I really expected to hate this movie. Loathed MI 2, thought the last one was just okay, and have lost interest in Tom Cruise. Didn't matter, this flick was incredible! Breathtaking action, a story that moves, great chemistry between the cast, and Cruise allowing himself to NOT be perfect in this one add up to … Continue reading MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL