Just calling this the best superhero movie ever made is faint praise. THE AVENGERS is a great movie regardless of genre. Written and directed by Joss Whedon, the movie hits all the right notes. He brings his unique style to both the script and the look. Whedon was the perfect choice. This kind of movie had the potential to be a mess, but Whedon expertly brings all the characters in and gives them all enough to do so no one could feel slighted. Whedon’s words fit comfortably in the mouths of Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) and Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk). But that doesn’t mean the rest of the cast isn’t great, they are! But Downey and Ruffalo are the brightest stars. The banter is excellent, purposeful and amusing. The effects are the best I’ve ever seen, and the 3D puts you in the movie just like Avatar did. The difference is Avengers has a superior script and cast. Some may say, “hold on, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy are the best super hero movies ever made.” I would argue this difference, they are great movies and the main character happens to be a super hero. The Avengers is more comic book. It feels like you are watching the characters on the page come to life, whereas Nolan takes license with the comic to make a great action drama. But that is all splitting hairs and topics for a ComicCon panel. The Avengers is awesome. I want to see it again… like tomorrow! And the sold out crowd at 12:15 AM agrees with me. — Alan Yudman

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