Ever wonder who would win in a fight between Thor and the Hulk? What would happen if Captain America’s unbreakable shield was hit by Thor’s equally tough hammer? Who is smarter, Stark or Banner? It takes a geek to think up these scenarios and an even bigger geek to answer them on screen…thank you Joss Whedon…and that’s what makes The Avengers a blast! Every character gets their moment and the fans get everything they hoped for and then some with this ultimate payoff to the movies that came before it. And give credit to Marvel for making this work…stringing together a narrative that started with Iron Man and concluded with Captain America…laying the groundwork for this one. Not afraid to admit I had multiple geekgasms watching this (especially in 3D). Finally a summer blockbuster that deserves every dollar it earns because it caters to the audience and the fans without pandering to the kiddies or the tweens. And the final scene after the credits is genius.

Stormy Curry

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