There are some trilogies that end perfect (The Return of the King), some that are awful (Matrix Revolution) and some that have their flaws but wrap everything up in a satisfying way without alienating fans (Return of the Jedi). That is where The Dark Knight Rises lands. While The Batman is a cool character with … Continue reading THE DARK KNIGHT RISES


MIB III is a fun yet completely unnecessary sequel that reunites Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, and lots of yucky aliens. But the best special effect of them all is Josh Brolin. The time travel story allows Brolin to not just impersonate a younger Jones, he BECOMES him. It's that burst of freshness that keeps … Continue reading MEN IN BLACK III


Not as funny as Borat but much better than the putrid Bruno, you get your moneys worth with this Dictator. From the opening frame (a picture and dedication "in loving memory" of Kim Jong Il) to the closing credits, there are plenty of gut busting moments. Some of those moments include a decapitated head, a … Continue reading THE DICTATOR


The first hour is a silly, shameless romp -- COCKTAIL meets FLASHDANCE. Then the plot kicks in, and you might as well rename it SHOWBOYS. The undeniable charms of sizzling young men (and one ageless Adonis) with sicker bodies than Olympic swimmers fulfilling the dreams of the secretarial set at a Chippendales-type nightclub work beautifully … Continue reading MAGIC MIKE


I love raunchy politically incorrect comedies that thumb their noses at long as they're funny. Project X is billed as the ultimate party movie but feels more like the dry heaves one feels after such a party. Besides the "found footage" cliche that almost never works in movies, Project is a Frankenstein's monster of … Continue reading PROJECT X