I love raunchy politically incorrect comedies that thumb their noses at authority…as long as they’re funny. Project X is billed as the ultimate party movie but feels more like the dry heaves one feels after such a party. Besides the “found footage” cliche that almost never works in movies, Project is a Frankenstein’s monster of stitched together parts of much better movies. Getting laid before graduation? Every teen comedy ever made. Parents leaving trusted son in charge of house? Hi Risky Business! Best friends lying drunk in the yard proclaiming their love for each other? Jonah Hill showed how it was done in Superbad. I was looking forward to a mindless 90 minutes of stupid fun…they forgot the fun part. The filmmakers bulldoze over reality about a third of the way in taking you completely out of the film, the main characters are as exciting as the bottom of a warm keg, and the adults act like they would if a 15 year old wrote the screenplay…which based on what I saw is a possibility. Bottom line: X gets an F.
Stormy Curry

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