JEFF is a funny and touching movie that in my opinion is one of the years most overlooked. Jason Segel injects a sweetness into his role as Jeff, a slacker who sees the movie “Signs” (yes, the Mel Gibson movie) as an inspiration for his slacker life. You have to see it to fully understand it. The real surprise is Ed Helms, who plays Jeff’s complete tool of a brother. I expected a twist on his goofy character from Hangover and The Office but instead got something more. He does a great job at playing a class A D-bag. My only complaint is the Susan Sarandon storyline which feels like the only forced and phony thing in the film. Anyone who’s ever looked for meaning in life, pondered coincidence vs. fate, uttered the words “everything happens for a reason”, or had a brother will relate to and enjoy this gem. Do not miss. — Stormy Curry

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