When last we saw Jason Bourne he was diving off a pier (or a building, I can’t recall exactly) into the East River. If you’re expecting to see him (or Matt Damon for that matter), you’ll be disappointed. He appears only in photos and as a legend (“I think I saw him hiding Easter eggs or delivering my kids Christmas presents”). That doesn’t mean there is nothing to see here. There’s plenty here for Bourne fans. Plenty of action and CIA intrigue. The set pieces work every time. But unlike the last two movies directed by Paul Greengrass, this movie takes time out for talking. Tony Gilroy tries to explain what’s happening or about to happen, rather than simply launching to action sequences that give the viewer disorienting motion sickness. Greengrass’ style worked great. Gilroy’s is no less effective. In place of Damon we have Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, a Bourne-style operative on steroids (almost literally), Joan Allen’s character’s testimony has forced the hand of a private spy-military company headed by Stacy Keach and Edward Norton (both bureaucratically menacing). They must shut down the program Renner is a part of and by shut down they mean wipe out everyone involved. Rachel Weisz is a scientist who helped come up with the stuff that makes Renner “enhanced”. The movie races from Alaska to DC to Maryland to Manila. You know Renner and Weisz will make it out, the question is how. And how that plays out is what makes this a thriller. One small spoiler, wait for the motorcycle chase scene.. it’s awesome! The Legacy of the other Bourne movies appears safe in these capable hands. — Alan Yudman

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