When the centerpiece song of your parody revue is titled, “If I Could Smell Your Cunt”… when the show has a Greek chorus — of lambs… when Dr. Hannibal Lecter is played and sung by one of Broadway’s best-known belters (Davis Gaines)… when the role of Clarice Starling is done by an actress (Christine Lakin) who nails Jodie Foster like a butterfly pinned to a cork board… when ALL of the side players in this cast of ten deliver laughs at roughly the rate of one every five seconds… when the direction is so tirelessly creative that not even the smallest bit of business is left to chance… then you have a well-deserved hit on your hands. The show — twice successful Off-Broadway — comes to the Hayworth Theater in L.A. with some of its east coast originals and even more guffaws from new material added for this production. The gut-busting hilarity of the beyond-dirty lyrics and stage business puts shock value in the service of art. Seriously, anyone objecting to a single word or gag here deserves to become one of Lecter’s victims, because truly, this is about the funniest stage show I’ve ever seen. — Jeff Schultz

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