This plays like the sequel to BRIDESMAIDS. It’s not quite a rip-off, but not quite as good, either. New cast, similar types, right down to the rising star chubby girl (in this case, Rebel Wilson). Kirsten Dunst seems to be going the Gwyneth Paltrow route: old beyond her years. Dunst is almost matronly here, oddly de-sexed. Whenever she adds to the movie’s ample supply of expletives, it doesn’t seem to go with her character. That’s one way the movie keeps pivoting tonally: extra-raunchy humor one moment, wounded lover sentimentalism the next. But it’s entertaining in a sloppy way. Happily it has a major role for underused actor Kyle Bornheimer, and it gives Lizzy Caplan the movie role of her career up to now. As leads, the trio of Dunst, Caplan, and Isla Fisher play jerks with hearts of gold; they’re a funny clique. But the plot, involving a torn wedding dress, is contrived and becomes ridiculous. In fact the movie itself is a little threadbare. — Jeff Schultz

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