For anyone who saw the completely horrible “Judge Dredd” (doesn’t deserve our usual capital letters), it is understandable that you would wonder why they would remake it. But maybe that’s exactly why they should have. To get it right. And that’s precisely what the filmmakers have done, get it totally right! This is taking a pretty good comic book and bringing the best parts of it to the screen. DREDD is dark and gritty and unapologetically bloody. Slo-mo shots of bullets piercing skin and bodies splattering on the ground simply add to the bleakness. Karl Urban is Dredd and is absolutely fantastic. He’s got Eastwood’s whispered growl down perfectly. That makes the one liners he delivers all the more effective. An interesting dramatic choice is that you never see Urban’s face for the entire movie. He wears his Judge helmet the entire 95 minutes and while you may be thinking, “well, that’s ridiculous”, it makes total sense in context. Lena Heady (Cersie Lannister from Game of Thrones) is a former whore who through sheer brutality has become a drug kingpin. Dredd and his rookie partner (Olivia Thirlby) go to her “block” ot investigate a triple murder and dispense justice. The rest of this movie is about how they pair of Judges try to survive bullets and mayhem while trying to “convict” Heady’s character. It moves quickly, doesn’t get to involved in character development and relies on the audience identifying with the good guys over the bad guys. The 3D is fantastic. It’s used sparingly and effectively and doesn’t feel gimmicky (I believe it was shot in 3D, rather than converted… great choice!). Nothing to DREDD here, go see this today! — Alan Yudman

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