A half-step up from the third installment, but that's not saying much. By now, the recording devices placed at strategic points around the house seem more like a plan to make a movie on the cheap than a clever way to be scary. And especially at the end, the supposed use of hand-held video makes … Continue reading PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4


It would be fascinating to take an LAPD officer to a screening of this slice-of-patrol drama, because to a civilian it seems so authentic in its depiction of police procedures and the scumbags encountered on any given night or day. The movie comes from a long line of "partner" flicks, many of which hurtle toward … Continue reading END OF WATCH


The trailer makes it look like yet another of the thrill-free, roster-filling genre entries that rake in whatever they can their first weekend, then disappear forever. Happy surprise: it's super creepy, well told and makes sense, right down to the denouement you see coming but which has to end as it does. The killings are … Continue reading SINISTER


After such a remarkable career, it would be inaccurate to call what Christopher Walken does here "the performance of his career". He's had so many extraordinary turns, in so many different types of roles (the bad guy, the good guy, the weird-creepy guy, the weird-funny guy) that singling out any one of them won't do. … Continue reading SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS


Everybody knows Joe Dante. But few know about this 1999 thriller that shows what a master can do working within a timeworn but much-loved convention. Unlike the recent CABIN IN THE WOODS remake, Dante isn't trying to challenge the genre. Nor, unlike many of the current crop of horror films, is there much gore, sex, … Continue reading THE HOLE


An elderly grandmother dies in Tel Aviv. Her relatives (including her grandson, the director of the documentary) come to the dead woman's apartment to claim and dispose of the belongings. Amid the clutter of a life, an old newspaper is found, a copy from the 1930's of Der Angriff, a virulently anti-Semitic Nazi newspaper. On … Continue reading THE FLAT