Spectacularly good. Funny as can be, well-acted, deeply emotional (maybe even a bit intense for the littler ones), and the literal definition of eye candy — this sweet melt-in-your-heart confection frames the familiar find-yourself-and-embrace-who-you-are theme inside several video games and their characters. Much credit to director Rich Moore and his three writers (and perhaps the overriding presence of EP John Lasseter) for keeping a complicated story simple with people (and creatures) we enjoy. (It’s as economical in its way as the short “paperman” that precedes the feature). Standout voice: Jack McBrayer, who brings the same sweetness and innocence (with a touch of savvy) of his Kenneth from “30 Rock” to brave little Fix-It Felix. And you’ll laugh when Alan Tudyk’s King Candy insists his palace isn’t pink, but salmon. Jokes like that, and other older people references (Lara Croft, a pun about breaking glasses) mix with silly stuff for all, like Laffy Taffy and Oreos come to life largely through their very names. This picture represents the best of what a great studio like Disney can do when working at its peak. — Jeff Schultz

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