Upon hearing that “Lost” scribe Damon Lindelof was writing the screenplay for this Alien prequel, I got a bad feeling in my gut (much like the characters that end up with a monster in their bellies). I had hope though when Ridley Scott announced he was going back to the Alien world. After seeing it, I want to congratulate Mr. Lindelof for illustrating in two hours what Lost fans had to learn the hard way after several seasons: his writing leads audiences down a path and eventually over a cliff. Unanswered questions, characters acting in ways that make no sense with no explanation, and scenes thrown in just to get an emotional reaction even though they have nothing to do with the story. This prequel should remain lost in space…along with everyone involved with this sorry attempt at a philosophical-theological-sci fi-horror-movie by committee-pathetic excuse for a film.

Stormy Curry

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