On paper, The Watch sounds horrible. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill form a neighborhood watch to stop an alien invasion. The movie isn’t as bad as that…it’s actually worse. Aside from some funny lines from Vaughn, the lack of laughs in this dud is a jaw dropper. Did these guys actually read the “script”? Instead of having fun with the plot it actually takes it seriously: mistake number one. The second biggest mistake was releasing an R rated comedy with a PG premise. Stiller is a stiff, Vaugh acts like he’s in a different yet funnier movie, and Hill looks like he’s thinking about how he’s going to cast 21 Jump Street 2. A flop that deserved to flop, you’ll be checking your watch during The Watch and counting down the minutes before “End of Watch”.

Stormy Curry

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