A friend at work bemoaned the release of this movie. He said Tom Cruise doesn’t stretch himself, he just does these action hero movies for a paycheck. HIs argument was that Cruise was a better actor than these movies allowed him to be. I saw his point, but didn’t necessarily agree. The idea that it takes not much talent to make these movies is snobbery. The actor still must make us believe he is the bad-ass he is trying to be. Cruise’s history of these type of movies help, but this is something I’ve never seen do before. JACK REACHER is more than another “action hero” vehicle. It’s a cop thriller, a whodunnit. Sure, Reacher kicks major ass in the movie, but he also kicks investigative ass. The movie is based on the hugely successful Lee Child novels. I have never read them, but reliable sources (my parents) say Reacher is a former military cop who is all about justice. He’s also physically imposing, about 6’5″ and 250lbs. Ok, we all know Cruise will never pull that off. But his will and “drifter with a cause” attitude totally worked for me. Reacher is trying to prove a former Army sniper didn’t kill five people in a random act of violence. Reacher knows the suspect is a bad guy because he ran across him in the Army. But it becomes more and more clear that the guy didn’t do it and was set up. Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay and direction are top notch for the genre. There is one awesome car chase that reminded me a little of the classic chase in Bullitt (no music, just the sound of racing engines). JACK REACHER kept me entertained for all of its 2 plus hours and never left me wondering when it would all come to an end. I look forward to many sequels to come. — Alan Yudman

Aside from the last Mission Impossible movie, Tom Cruise hasn’t made a good film in years. That being said, I was floored by how good Jack Reacher was. This action suspense thriller delivered on a good story, very original action scenes, and genuine intrigue. Cruise underplays the tough guy role and its the best thing he could have done. Reacher is a dude who outthinks his enemies before he throws a punch…and that’s why this film works. I have not read the books so I can’t relate to the whole “Cruise is miscast” thing…but I think he fits the bill here. Reacher has an R rated feel in a PG-13 movie and it was nice to watch a grown up flick for a change. This one is worth checking out! — Stormy Curry

One thought on “JACK REACHER

  1. DAN O. posted this, but I accidentally deleted it(Sorry Dan): Good review Alan. Jack Reacher is a film that I have very few problems with. I was never bored; it was well acted and directed and features an interesting and complicated storyline which kept me guessing.


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