Sixto Rodriguez was a foik/rock musician in the early 70’s. He released two albums and disappeared, never to be heard from again. That is unless you lived in South Africa. There, Rodriguez was a legend who had legends written about him. Was he dead? Alive? Suicide? No one knew anything about him. And find those truths is the driving force behind SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN. It’s the story of Rodriguez and his unrealized potential in the U.S. and how some huge fans in South Africa searched for him. I loved this movie on two levels. The way the story is told is suspenseful and interesting and draws you right in. It has a wonderfully satisfying payoff and you learn about the amazing man behind the music. The other is the music itself. It is a revelation. How Rodriguez never hit it big in the U.S. is a mystery. Probably attributed to the corruption and exploitation of the music business of that era. But he is Dylan. Maybe even better than Dylan. His songs resonate even today, and were apparently the soundtrack to the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa. SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN definitely deserves its Oscar nomination for best documentary feature! — Alan Yudman

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