Amiable, but B-grade (sometimes C-grade) material worth seeing for maybe five or six exquisite scenes of Pacino or Walken or both. Each actor seems more relaxed (or at least less intense) than usual, so comfortable in their roles they sometimes seem about to wrap themselves up in them and fall asleep. There’s a definite emphasis on the comedy side of this comedy/drama, which comes off as a mash-up of Elaine May’s MIKEY & NICKY (two gangster pals, one about to kill the other) and Martin Brest’s GOING IN STYLE (aging criminal cronies). Pacino, especially, puts on the brakes and disappears into his lovable loser character. And if Walken’s delivery by now is almost self-parody, I still couldn’t take my eyes and ears off him. Late in, Alan Arkin enters the picture with the least credible schtick in the movie. (He’s kidnapped half-dead from a nursing home but can burn patch in a stolen Dodge Challenger during a police chase skillfully enough to get away.) You can’t separate Arkin’s performance from the guy he played in ARGO. Or LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE; he’s always Irascible Old Guy. Nice blues on the soundtrack. But the ambiguous, RESERVOIR DOGS-style ending takes the cheap way out. — Jeff Schultz

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