What? What happened? Where’s my Critexts?

It’s still here, just with a new name. HOLLYWOOD AND WHINE.
Why the change?
Well, we have reached nearly 800 movie/TV/theater reviews. It is our goal to grow this site that has so many fans (at least that is what we’d like to believe). Part of growth is change. And frankly, while CRITEXTS was clever. It reminded me of the name of the band in THAT THING YOU DO. 
They wanted to be the Wonders. But Jimmy was an “artiste” and thought he’d be clever and name the band the ONEDERS. Everyone who saw the name called the band the “OH-KNEE-DERS”. So, when they meet Tom Hanks’ record executive the first thing he does is change the name to WONDERS, because no one know what ONEDERS is. 
We’ve come to feel the same way about CRITEXTS. Clever, but really, it was TOO clever. No one could remember it. And the name doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue. 
So, the change is here. HOLLYWOOD AND WHINE. Because aren’t all movie reviews just the reviewer complaining they could have done it better?
Stick with us, more exciting changes are in the works!!
Alan, Jeff and Stormy

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