Some movies get killed by critics for no reason. A movie like Identity Thief exists for one reason: to ENTERTAIN! And for those of us who pay for our tickets and watch with a regular audience, that’s all we ask for. Critics on the other hand apparently want more out of a silly comedy..and that’s a shame. Melissa McCarthy proves she has a future by delivering laughs with a little bit of heart and Jason Bateman proves he is one of the best funnymen around. Anyone who has ever seen a road comedy (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Tommy Boy) has seen this one before…but a least with this one what you see is what you get. The ads do not lie…this one is funny. See it and enjoy.

Stormy Curry

PLANES, TRAINS & DUE DATE, only this time with a guy and a girl. A sweet, funny comedy that would have gone from a B+ to an A if a half hour had been lopped from it. But even if it’s as flabby in spots as — ok, I won’t say Melissa McCarthy because that’s what got Rex Reed in trouble (except he wasn’t joking) — even if the road trip has one or two stops too many, McCarthy and Jason Bateman keep you liking them and wanting the story to end well. That it only partially does gives a dash of bitters to a movie that at its heart is a real softie, but which doesn’t come off as sappy. — Jeff Schultz

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