A genuine sequel, not a franchise installment, which picks up from the original’s ending. I was underwhelmed — could not stop noticing that the lead, Ashley Bell, looks too old, a woman playing a girl’s role (even though the ones playing her peers are mostly around the same age). For a scary movie, it’s a little too quiet, a little too uneventful. And except for an intriguing actress named Julia Garner, who shares a sizzlingly lesbierotic moment with Bell and a lipstick, the acting is ho-hum. (But fun fact: the “cute boyfriend” part is done by the now-grown actor who was Bruce Willis’ son in UNBREAKABLE, the one who drove that incredibly tense scene in the kitchen with the gun.) No box office records will be set here, but if it ends up making a profit, the way has been conveniently cleared plotwise for Part III. — Jeff Schultz

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