Ralph is the type of movie Pixar used to make. Original with a lot of imagination, this one shows us another world a la Toy Story inside video games. Ralph is the “bad guy” of an 80’s video game who’s sick of it and wants to be a hero. John C. Reilly nails it as the sweet lug with good intentions, Jack McBrayer is hilarious as the do gooder Mario type hero of the game who tries fix it when Ralph goes into another video game, and Sarah Silverman has never been better voicing the spunky heroine of the film…the little girl in a children’s game that Ralph ends up stuck in and Jane Lynch is hilarious as the R rated soldier from another first person shoot em up game who when she’s not looking for a fight keeps flashing back to her groom-to-be getting devoured by giant bugs. You have to see it to appreciate it. Eye popping effects, jokes for grown ups who were inflicted up with Pac Man Fever, and a lot of heart, Ralph is one of the best family movies for grown ups and kids that’s come along in a long time. I know…I’ve been subjected to them all! Kudos to all the cameos as well, from Frogger to Q Bert, it’s always nice to reunite with old friends.

Stormy Curry

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