Is HYDE PARK ON HUDSON the story of Franklin Roosevelt’s many mistresses? Or maybe it’s the story of how he wooed his cousin Daisy, who was also one of his secret mistresses. Or maybe it’s the story of King George’s visit to Hyde Park, trying to gain financial & military support for it’s battle against Germany at the start of WWII. I don’t think the movie knows what it is either. I KNOW what it is… deadly boring. There are long pointless conversations. Endless narration by the Daisy character and beautifully shot scenery (ruined by the site of Daisy masturbating the President in his car). The characters are flat. The acting disinterested. Laura Linney’s Daisy is so understated that she’s barely there even when she is. The most interesting relationship is that of the King and Queen Elizabeth. They seem the only ones with any kind of passion or emotion. Bill Murray is OK as FDR, but other than being whimsical and paralyzed by polio, the role is paralyzed by a lack of depth. That is so strange because FDR was a very engaging character, but that doesn’t come across at all. As mentioned, the cinematography shows off how beautiful upstate New York is. Other than a pretty postcard, this is a waste of film. — Alan Yudman

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