Why did I go see this? I already knew Rob Zombie was a crap director, from his first miscarriage, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, to the stillborn HALLOWEEN remake, and now this pile of garbage. For starters, Zombie violates a cardinal rule: never cast your wife in the starring role if she can't act. Sheri Moon … Continue reading THE LORDS OF SALEM


A respectable remake, and that's not entirely a compliment. It has just enough over-the-top bloodbathery to earn a nod as worthy homage to the original. What's missing is Sam Raimi's trademark hysteria, the marriage of horror and humor and its dizzying pitch that wired up audiences with such a galvanic jolt. Instead, we have serious … Continue reading EVIL DEAD

SMASH – Season 2

The first season, while containing many of the flaws for which those who hate the show really hate it, had so many high points -- most especially the musical numbers -- that the melodramatic missteps were all forgiven. Just as musical comedy itself is an entertaining combination of exhilaration and sap [give it a second chance, … Continue reading SMASH – Season 2


Phil Spector is a mess. PHIL SPECTOR is also a mess, as you'll see when you watch the David Mamet HBO movie that, we are reminded, is NOT based on a true story, even though it is. That's actually not the problem. Mamet's approach can be justified as a meditation on a notorious celebrity's sensational murder trial. … Continue reading PHIL SPECTOR