THE STRANGERS meets STRAW DOGS. What? you say -- isn't this supposed to be a wide-reaching satire about American violence? That was the promise of the first half of the trailer. But this is mostly a keep-the-bad-guys-out thriller, married to the premise that one night a year any type of crime is allowable for 24 … Continue reading THE PURGE


Critics tend to be snobs and bash movies because they're "unbelievable". They heap praise on average movies that don't deserve it (The Cabin in the Woods, The Amazing Spider Man) and stick their noses up at other movies. That's the deal with Now You See Me. From the opening shot to the final frame, this … Continue reading NOW YOU SEE ME


Despite strong performances from Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, this Master is more of a novice. A lead character with seemingly no humanity could make for an interesting movie (like There Will Be Blood, Magnolia) but Phoenix's character never comes across an anything more than unstable, selfish, sad, and creepy. He has no real … Continue reading THE MASTER