Seth Rogen is a much better writer than director. Movies like Superbad and this one are a riot and he’s also a much better co star than lead actor. THIS makes fun of Rogen, James Franco, and everyone else in the cast. It has the feel of a Saturday night out with the boys…busting balls, drinking too much, even having a problem with someone in the group. Add the apocalypse, demons, and huge Hollywood egos and you get the new Harold and Kumar, Bill and Ted, Cheech and Chong. This is what last years “The Watch” should have been but wasn’t…maybe because that was PG-13, this one is a hard R. It’s raunchy, wrong, and hilarious!
Stormy Curry

This movie COULD have been smug and precious and “inside Hollywood” in that insular, self-satisfied way of celebrities whose shit don’t stink. Instead, it may be the funniest movie you see this year, with an energy that doesn’t flag and, of all things for a buddy comedy, pretty cool special effects. You can go from laughing out loud at a screaming argument between James Franco and Danny McBride on when and where it’s appropriate to shoot your load, to marveling (and also laughing out loud) at an amazingly well hung Devil Incarnate. So many stars playing themselves, but it never seems like a vanity project, because the dialog is sharp and the actors are actually working. Loved Michael Cera snorting coke and being a pig. Wished Christopher Mintz-Plasse hadn’t gone to Hell so quickly. Found out what Channing Tatum would be like as a bottom. It’s a blast. — Jeff Schultz

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