When onscreen chemistry works, you get the “Lethal Weapons”, “Bad Boys”, “Rush Hours” and “The Hangovers”…you can now add “The Heat” to that list. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock rock it as the typical mismatched partners trying to crack a case. What’s refreshing is the way these two mine comedic gold from certain situations and also the female perspective. Director Paul Fieg said it blows his mind that some people and movie studios think women can’t be funny in comedies like this because they’re women…and he’s right. Unlike the abortion that was “Cop Out” and a million other alleged comedies starring bankable male stars, this one works. The best sign that a comedy delivers is when you laugh through the entire thing and can’t remember all of the funny lines because there were so many! Hilarious one liners, outrageous situations, and a three minute “Who’s on First” type bit involving Bullock trying to understand a Bostonian and his accent asking her “Are you a narc”? This would be the highlight of any other typical comedy, instead it’s one of a hundred bits you’ll find yourself remembering hours after the fact. Do yourself a favor: see this movie!

Stormy Curry

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