It’s a little like SOUR GRAPES, but more like a feature-length “Curb” episode, with a definite improv style that opens up the door and lets a comedy breeze blow through, among many others, Danny McBride, J. B. Smoove, Bill Hader and of course Larry David himself. Cynical but loose-limbed, it’s a set of riffs that either feature Larry on a rant — his take on birthday e-mails is a high note — or give the others in the cast (Michael Keaton, why are your appearances so rare these days?) room to breathe. There’s a funny running gag about the band Chicago, punctuated throughout by their catchy hits and including a stage door cameo. This is the kind of comedy for adults that used to play at theaters. More proof that original cable programming is keeping quality alive. — Jeff Schultz

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