The original KICK-ASS was both criticized and lauded for its outrageous violence and language. Mostly because it came out of the mouth of the then 12-year old “Hit Girl”. Now Mindy Macready is 15 and in high school with her fellow superhero Dave/Kick-Ass. But she’s having none of it. She sneaks out every day to rid New York City of bad guys. Dave catches her and proposes a partnership. She trains him, or tries to, and that leads to Mindy being caught by her guardian and promising to retire Hit Girl forever. Dave takes Kick-Ass to Justice Forever and joins forces with other not so super heroes and hooks up with Colonel Stars & Stripes (the outrageously good Jim Carrey). Then there’s the evel villain.. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is back but not as Red Mist. Now he’s The Motherfucker, trying to be a super villain. His sole purpose is to kill Kick-Ass. There are twists and turns and lost of fights including one that convinces Mindy that she cannot leave Hit Girl behind. There’s also a decent subplot about Mindy trying to fit in with the cool girls, only to be left behind “Mean Girls” style. But her revenge is absolutely hysterical and gross. A lot of the material is elevated by the chops of Carrey and Chloe Grace Moretz. Some of the action sequences are shot with too much “shaky-cam” but KICK-ASS 2 stays faithful to the original’s love of extreme violence. If a studio executive told the producers to “tone it down”, I’m glad they didn’t listen. There was a lot I liked about the movie, but it’s not quite as good as the original. Read the next line in the basso profundo trailer voice: But in a world where sequels are mere shadows of their original, KICK-ASS 2 doesn’t disappoint. — Alan Yudman

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