How many ways can Sutter Keely completely screw up his life and still come back for more. That should be an alternate subtitle for THE SPECTACULAR NOW. Miles Teller is Sutter. Sutter drinks. A lot. Sutter drinks for all the normal teenaged reasons. He’s a senior, he thinks it makes him cool, it makes him more fun and it makes he and his girlfriend (Brie Larson) an awesome couple. Besides, Sutter is too drunk to realize how he is completely screwing up. Losing that awesome girlfriend is the first hint. Waking up drunk in someone’s front yard could be another, but that’s when he meets Aimee (Shailene Woodley). So hey, booze got me another great girl.. whoo hooo!! The title of the movie is ironic. THE SPECTACULAR NOW is definitely about the now, but it is only spectacular when viewed through Miles beer goggles. He worms his way into Aimee’s heart and even his best friend is wondering why, because he knows Sutter will only disappoint her. Eventually through a series of disappointments (including meeting his estranged father in a totally against type performance by Kyle Chandler) and one near tragedy, Sutter wakes up and realizes what he is doing and more importantly, isn’t doing. Teller is fantastic and captivates as he brings some humanity to a character that could easily have been a total jerk-off. The script by the writers of (500) DAYS OF SUMMER is smart and funny without being preachy. The supporting players (Chandler, Brie Larson and Andre Royo) turn in tone perfect performances. This film has been in theaters for almost a month, so go see THE SPECTACULAR NOW. NOW!!! — Alan Yudman

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