You’re kidding me, right? This is the slasher movie the critics talk up as though it were heads and tails above the “garden variety” gorefests they always trash, if they don’t ignore altogether? Here’s the  biggest problem: the kills utterly lack the gushing madness of the best bloodspillers; they are rote and uncreative. Next, the attempts to weave humor into the screenplay fall completely flat, taking out what little steam there is by making the characters ridiculous. Third, the explanation for the killings is more than a stretch, it’s nonsense, and it takes away from the thing that makes these home invasion horror flicks effective: the terrifying randomness of evil. In THE STRANGERS, for example, one of the victims asks “Why us?”. And the answer is simply, “You were home.” In FUNNY GAMES, the perps are psychopaths. In THE PURGE, they’re insane racists. But here (and maybe this is a spoiler alert, but nobody should give a damn), it’s an inheritance scam, carried out by a group of gang-that-couldn’t-shoot-straight incompetents made worse by truly awful acting. There is one satisfying and unexpected startle at the very end, finished off by a final shot right out of the first FINAL DESTINATION. But it’s way too late by then. — Jeff Schultz

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