The “host” at the Arclight Theater where I saw RUSH joked that the movie wasn’t about a Canadian power trio. As disappointing as that was (haha), I quickly forgot about the power of three men on a stage and marveled at the power of two men racing around a track while buckled into a seat, riding on a bomb. I was worried that Ron Howard wouldn’t get it right. That the racing would feel fake and the cars would look ridiculous and not period correct. Then I realized as I was watching that this was Ron Howard!! He always gets it right. He is a master of the small details that other directors would overlook and take you out of the film. RUSH is the story to two men traveling different roads to the same goal. Chris Hemsworth is British bad boy James Hunt. Daniel Bruhl is Austrian technician Nikki Lauda. The two had a rivalry born in the early 1970’s and it reached its dramatic (and almost tragic) conclusion in 1976. I’m not spoiling anything since this actually happened, but the two were battling for the Formula 1 driver’s championship when Lauda was almost killed and seriously burned during a crash in Germany in August of that year. He got back in the car against all odds and advice just one month later.. his disfiguring burns apparent even under the bandages on his face and head. The drama builds as the season plays out to its conclusion in Japan. This is masterful and entertaining. Even if you’re not a racing fan, there is enough human drama to more than hold your attention. Both Hemsworth and Bruhl are wonderful.. capturing the personalities of both men with care. the rest of the cast is more than capable (good to see EPISODES Steven Mangan and Olivia Wilde is just the most beautiful woman in the world). So, strap in tight and get ready for a RUSH! — Alan Yudman

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